Welcome to this second 2018 issue of [in]Transition devoted exclusively to peer-reviewed videographic work. All five of the issue's videos are accompanied by curatorial statements from their makers, as well as peer reviewers' evaluations. As usual, we are publishing these peer reviews in the spirit of openness, to encourage scholarship as conversation, and to help our discipline establish a set of criteria for what constitutes valid scholarship in this emerging form. We welcome readers and viewers to join this conversation in the same spirit.

[in]Transition is accepting submissions of videographic work for peer-reviewed publication in subsequent issues. You can find out further information about this by clicking on the Contribute to [in]Transition tab above.

Drew Morton

Editor, [in]Transition 5.2, June 2018

Editors: Drew Morton (Editor)

Research Article

Playing at the Margins
Playing at the Margins

John Gibbs and Suzana Reck Miranda

2018-04-29 Volume 5 • Issue 2 • 2018

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