This special issue of [in]Transition features five videos that emerged from the June 2015 workshop Scholarship in Sound & Image, hosted at Middlebury College and generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Office of Digital Humanities. The workshop brought 14 film and media scholars from the United States and Europe to work with a team of experts to collectively explore how to produce and conceptualize videographic criticism. The participants had a range of video production experience, but the majority were complete novices. By the end of the two weeks, all participants had started producing a piece of videographic criticism based on their research area.

We invited participants to continue working on their pieces beyond the workshop, and to submit them to [in]Transition to undergo our standard open peer review process. This issue publishes five projects, on a range of topics and employing an array of styles, all representing the first videographic works for each of these scholars. The accompanying statements and peer reviews highlight the various ways that their work both builds on traditional scholarship and offers innovations in film and media studies. The goal of the workshop was to expand access to videographic practice, and to extend the type of scholarship created with sounds and images. Beyond these five exemplary projects, other participants have submitted videographic work to [in]Transition for future publication and have also been creating, circulating, and teaching videographic criticism on their own, suggesting that such work will continue to ripple outward throughout the field.

To learn more about the workshop, explore its website, which will be updated to include the NEH White Paper, and our forthcoming book The Videographic Essay: Criticism in Sound and Image. Special thanks to the NEH and Middlebury College for their generous support for this workshop, and our co-conspirators Ethan Murphy, Stella Holt, Catherine Grant, Kevin B. Lee, and Eric Faden, all of who contributed insight and inspiration to these five videos and many other works in progress.

- Christian Keathley and Jason Mittell
Co-Editors and Workshop Co-Conveners

Note from the editors:
With this issue, we are pleased to welcome Chiara Grizzaffi as a co-editor of [in]Transition, helping us keep pace with the gratifying flood of responses we have gotten over the past two years! Additionally, we have started an announcement email list to learn about new issues, calls for submission, and other news - please subscribe to keep on top of news!

Editors: Christian Keathley (Editor), Jason Mittell (Editor)

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