This issue is a cause for celebration. It marks the tenth anniversary of the initial launch of [in]Transition, which debuted at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Seattle, March 2014. [in]Transition was a risky endeavor at the time, innovating a new mode of videographic scholarship that seemed out-of-step from "what counts" as academic discourse and publication forms; embracing a digital-only mode of publication that was still fairly rare at the time; and pioneering a form of open peer review that raised many eyebrows from scholars unused to questioning well-established norms of blind-review. The only way we were able to succeed in making the journal happen in the first place, not to mention carry on and thrive for a decade, was the labor and passion of our founding editors, Catherine Grant, Christian Keathley, and Drew Morton, as well as the support of Christine Becker, representing our partner publication Cinema Journal (as it was then known), and our publishing platform MediaCommons, led by Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Avi Santo, with me serving as project manager. Overtime, we assembled a tremendous crew by adding Chiara Grizzaffi, Kevin Ferguson, Neepa Majumdar, Eva Hageman, Katie Bird, Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, and Barbara Zecchi to our editorial team—and, of course, every associate editor, guest editor, editorial board member, author, reviewer, and reader shares in our decade of success!

This issue's celebration is also to mark major transitions. We are publishing this issue on our new platform, Open Library of Humanities, again re-launching at SCMS, this time in Boston. [in]Transition has outgrown our original platform, needing more stability, longevity, and professionalized publication support than MediaCommons can now provide. When we started the process looking for a new publisher, OLH was my dream partner, as they have set the highest standard for innovative open-access publishing in the humanities. Being published by OLH means that [in]Transition is now fully integrated into the scholarly ecosystem in a way we have never been before: articles have DOIs, the journal will be listed in academic databases and citation indexes, and videos will be archived for long-term access. We are overjoyed to be working with OLH, and want to thank Caroline Edwards, Simon Everett, Rose Harris-Birtill, Katherine Parker-Hay, Mauro Sanchez, and all the OLH team for making this challenging migration and launch process run smoothly and for welcoming us into their community.

The more personal transition we celebrate with this issue is two of our founding editors, Catherine Grant and Christian Keathley, stepping down from the journal. There is no doubt that Chris and Katie's tireless work on [in]Transition has had immeasurable impacts on the entire field of film and media studies, helping to make videographic criticism a valued and central mode of scholarship that unquestionably "counts" today. They will remain on our masthead as Founding Editors Emeritus, and continue to be active leaders in the videographic community, as well as ongoing inspirations and friends for the remaining [in]Transition crew. They have both chosen to mark their retirements by producing audio commentary versions of iconic videos that were vital parts of the journal’s pre-history. On behalf of the entire editorial team, we want to thank Chris and Katie for a decade-plus of leadership and hard work.

In addition to these two reflective pieces, we are featuring five original videographic essays. The first is bittersweet: Sean O'Sullivan’s video about Deadwood, published posthumously as Sean passed away too soon in Fall 2023; Chris Keathley offers a reflection on Sean in lieu of a creator's statement. This issue, edited by Kevin Ferguson and Barbara Zecchi, also features four videos on a wide range of topics and media forms: ecocriticism of contemporary film, spatial analysis of music videos, early cinema’s presentation of backstage space, and the production practices of pseudo-reality television. We hope this will be the first of many times you read & watch [in]Transition at our new OLH home—register for an account and get notified when new issues are released!

-Jason Mittell, Journal Manager

Editors: Kevin L. Ferguson (Editor), Jason Mittell (Editor), Barbara Zecchi (Editor)


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