Welcome to [in]Transition’s first issue of 2022, 9.1. This issue features seven pieces of peer-reviewed videographic work, including audiovisual essays focused on secret worlds in Studio LAIKA films, representations of amnesia in film noir, the cinematic rapture of grass, ending paratexts, theories of sonic elongation, film with live orchestra concerts (this videographic study has been nominated for the Learning on Screen Awards 2022 ‘Creative Re-use’ category), and a comparative analysis of versions of the 2017 Justice League film, made in the form of a pastiche of kogonada’s classic video essay, "What Is Neorealism?".  

Editors: Catherine Grant (Editor), Katie Bird (Editor), Hoi Lun Law (Editor), Chiara Grizzaffi (Editor), Kevin L. Ferguson (Editor), Neepa Majumdar (Editor)

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