Welcome to issue 10.3 of [in]Transition, a special issue on 'Feminist Videographic Diptychs' conceived, produced and edited by Professor Catherine Fowler of the University of Otago, New Zealand, an esteemed member of [in]Transition's International Editorial Advisory Board. This special issue focuses upon the tendency to use comparison-as-method to produce what Fowler calls the ‘feminist videographic diptych’. She writes, in her introduction to the issue, that video essays like these:

take (typically) two or more women as their focus and compare them in some way, often, but not always, using split/multi-screen techniques. Initially the roots of this method and genre in other disciplines are worth identifying, since they help us to understand what is at stake when  video essayists create comparisons which do not naturally exist, as well as what can be gained by adopting the diptych for feminist research.

We are very grateful indeed to Professor Fowler and all the contributors for their expertise as well as for the huge amount of work they have carried out to produce this issue.

Editors: Catherine Fowler (Editor), Catherine Grant (Co-editor), Barbara Zecchi (Co-editor)


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